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Remote Backup at JSICorp


Do you know how safe your backup data is? If a disaster occurred do you have the local or remote back-up solution software to handle any disaster? What would happen if your business had a fire or was burglarized? What if your hard drive or computer crashed? Is your precious data protected?

Your data would be safe in any of the above scenarios if you had JSICorp's Remote Back-Up System for your business and home computers. It is an easy-to-use solution that is affordable! You simply select the directory and files you want to back up and JSICorp's Remote Back-Up System will automatically back-up your data in the background while you continue to work. Every night the software starts up automatically and completes an incremental and encrypted (for extra security) back-up of the files on your computer. Data backup is a simple task to do with JSICorp's Remote Back-up System. You just set the Remote Back-Up to your desired preferences and forget about it and sleep well knowing that your data is safe with our Remote Back-up.